effectableyours: We test and document the efficacy of products and formulations in our hair laboratory.
Platform of expertise


= Effectable & Yours!

We never make claims without verification!

Effectable, because

  • Effective – tangible efficacy
  • Independent – discovery of mutual solutions
  • Objective – development on the basis of qualified measuring methods
  • Customised – adaptation of our testing methods and method development to meet requirements
  • Creative – take advantage of our network of bright minds

Yours, because

together we find solutions tailored to you – for long-term success is only possible through cooperation!

We verify efficacy using an

and creative process.

Take a look how we test and document efficacy in our hair lab.


effectableyours: Synchronous washbasin for testing sensory properties of the hair care product and the behavior on the hair.

Synchronised wash station

Testing the sensory properties of hair care products. Sensory behaviour on the hair.

effectableyours: testing the effectiveness, climate chamber - drying the hair. Curl retention.

Climate chamber

Hairdrying. Curl retention.

Proof of efficacy

Dry measurements. Wet measurements. Coming soon: smoothness, coarseness, mechanical rigidity.

In the service of product success!

Certified effectiveness and provision of product development support for hair care products

We not only bring people together, but primarily also the commensurate skill sets. You too can benefit from our network.

Got a formulation? We’d be delighted to test it to ascertain the optimisation potential and/or document your claims.

Don’t have a formulation? Then that’s precisely where we can also help you…

Come and join our network, where everyone brings to the table what they do best.

  • Hairstyling professionals
  • Master of cosmetic science
  • Sc in chemistry and process engineering
  • Laboratory and development manager
  • Scientific advice from external doctors

«effectableyours» is a platform on which we consolidate services and make them available to you.


Efficacy testing of your hair care products.

Documented certification of efficacy, including report.

Preparation of claims

Testing of your formulations in our in-house lab:

  • Effective
  • Independent
  • Objective
  • Customised
  • Creative


We test your hair care products using validated biophysical methods of measurement.

In each case two identical test hair tresses are treated under identical conditions to repeatably and methodically simulate a half-side comparison.

Sensory characteristics are tested by qualified hairdressers with longstanding experience of hair.

A precursor to test design is the detailed briefing we formulate with you to ensure your hair care products are tested in accordance with the concluded agreement.




We link core competencies: In cooperation with our partner INCI-Experts in Hamburg, we assist you with the successful development of your cosmetic products and their compliance with regulatory safety.

We offer you valuable support within the scope of cosmetic formulation development using Amylomer™ products.

Looking to get your product efficacy and claims tested and accurately certified?


Amylomer™ Care 25

Readily biodegradability