Liquid conditioner
for hair and skin care.


… sustainable raw materials –
primarily potato starch.


Film-forming additives as plant-based alternatives to synthetic film-forming agents.


Minor ingredient, offering tangible effects with active substances for the cosmetics industry.


The performance potential has been tested, verified and accepted for many formulations.


We supply small ‘start-ups’, large contractors and prestigious cosmetic brand manufacturers!

Gräfe Chemie – your supplier of cationic and non-ionic starch derivatives


Alternatives made from plant-based raw materials!

We have been researching natural starches for more than twenty years. From these sustainable sources, we develop, produce and supply highly efficient raw materials for your cosmetic skin and hair care products.

We are familiar with the challenges of skin and hair treatment and also understand the requirements placed on modern cosmetic concepts. Our know-how is reflected in our raw materials and the framework formulations developed in cooperation with our partners.

Our mission and goal is to translate your concept into a modern formulation with proven efficacy.

Cationic additive made from starch

Minor ingredient, tangible effect. Naturally!

For decades, raw materials derived from petrochemicals have determined the course of haircare and styling. In Amylomer™ products, we use natural raw material sources such as potato and rice starch. From these sources we then produce easy-to-use, highly efficient liquid conditioning agents for hair and skin care formulations. Even the addition of very small amounts produces a tangible effect.

Why we are different!

To protect the environment, today’s conscientious end consumers rightly place comprehensive requirements on the raw materials in their cosmetic products. Such demands constantly create new challenges for manufacturers and formulators. Challenges that the founders of Gräfe Chemie had learned to overcome many years ago.
The aim and mission of Gräfe Chemie is not only to face up to the requirements of our time, but to help shape them and offer solutions.
Out of respect for this task and in the secure knowledge that goals are best achieved when the sharpest minds and cleverest people in their respective specialist fields are brought together, we have strived to establish a network of professionals. Through collaboration and on the basis of Amylomer™ technologies, we create raw materials from sustainable sources that will prove to be a reliable range of components in responsible cosmetic formulations both tomorrow and beyond. In much the same way as the founders of Gräfe Chemie did in their day.

Natural components

Plant-based starches are composed of amylose and amylopectin, two natural macro-molecules stemming from glucose. Starches are the natural backbone of our products. Their origins and the manner and extent of their functionality are part and parcel of the field of work in which we specifically develop raw materials for the existing broad variety of skin and hair types. A composition of the terms AMYLOse and PolyMER, the brand name Amylomer™ is synonymous with our technology.
Use our starch-based, cationic and non-ionic alternatives to out-and-out petrochemical conditioning agents for your formulations. In our portfolio we offer you the optimal composition of sustainability, avoidance of microplastics, biodegradability and effectiveness.

Tangible performance

Our expertise forms the basis of our product development. Knowledge of the care product requirements for different hair types and in diverse climate zones flows constantly into the molecular configuration of the various types of Amylomer™.
As a constant factor, Amylomer™ lends film-forming characteristics to your cosmetic formulation without accumulating on the hair and causing the problematic build-up effect.

Proof of efficacy

Proof of the efficacy of Amylomer™ products on different hair types and in different formulations is demonstrated through the validated methods applied in our hair lab «effectableyours». In addition to biophysical methods, sensory tests are also carried out to ascertain the tangible experience of using Amylomer™ products. In our capacity as your service provider, we would also be delighted to undertake performance tests on your formulation, consequently providing support for the verification of your advertising messages and claims.


Responsibility for products and sustainable consumption: Ecological and social sustainability is achieved most successfully hand in hand with economic value added. We have dedicated ourselves to this troika of sustainability for more than 20 years.
Natural source materials are exploited in a resource saving way and then processed by us into reliable and effective raw materials using energy- and waste-saving manufacturing processes. This enables us to offer product solutions that are harmless to both society and the environment. Such product solutions make responsible consumption truly possible.
In addition, we nurture a company culture in which employees are valued and able to develop their potential regardless of gender, background and age. These are requirements that we also place on our partners and suppliers.
We consistently optimise our processes and use our resources and expertise efficiently. As a small company, we promote office and lab sharing. A concept that not only inspires us and broadens our horizon, but also secures the financial scope for investment in new products and innovative services for our customers.
In this way we duly achieve our goal of healthy and sustainable expansion.
You can find more information in our Sustainability Report.

From day one to today – Gräfe and chemistry

Since the end of the 1990s, under its own brand Amylomer™ Gräfe Chemie has been developing, manufacturing and supplying additives made from cationic starch for the cosmetics industry …

Amylomer™, a starch-based, liquid film-forming agent

Discover for yourself our liquid additives from natural raw materials for your hair and skin care products, which offer a whole host of benefits …

«effectableyours» – our platform of expertise

Proof of efficacy:

Genuine added value from specialists in their field

“Because it’s not only the great chemistry!”

Benefit from our know-how and partners in the area of research and development and right through to proof of efficacy and the development of joint solution strategies.

Our partners

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Derypol is partner of Graefe Chemie GmbH
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EVONIK is partner of Graefe Chemie
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Amylomer™ products

Minor ingredient, powerful effect

Cationic additive made from starch

Plant-based alternative

Developer, manufacturer and supplier

Liquid additive

Natural potato starch


Sustainable raw materials

Comprehensive market know-how

Tangible raw material performance

Successful cosmetic products


Raw material replacement in cosmetic formulations. Proof of efficacy. Product samples and documentation.

An exchange between people is like the contact between chemical substances:

If a reaction is triggered, things change.


Amylomer™ Care 25

Readily biodegradability